Things not to do in Goa

It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure. If you are visiting any part of the world you must avoid and refrain from doing some things that can bring adverse affects to tour. During a tour package your health is most important. You can enjoy the tour only if your body and mind is health. With regard to Goa there is less chance of serious disease or epidemics any way it is recommended to take health precautions while visiting the destination. A few pieces of basic health and safety for passengers of Goa are given below. Check it out as they can come handy in emergencies and at the same time you save about how to take care of yourself here.

Everyone loves to have local food wherever we are traveling. In Goa salads and delicacies prepared with fruits are readily available in the small shops and local restaurants. It is great to try the local cuisine, but make sure they are made in hygienic circumstances before having it. Do not locally served water especially from the road side. Since most health complications occur because of polluted drinking water, try to drink mineral water which are bottled in decent shops. In case you would get ill, see the local doctor or hospital. It is recommended that you carry some first aid items like band aids, antiseptic cream, lotion burning, etc. If you have a health condition such as diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, etc.. to bring along medical supplies commensurate with the requirement. Bring along the tan lotion sun while you go to the beach because the sun can be very strong here and there are possibilities of burning skin.

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