Khajuraho, globally famous tourist destination, popular for its exquisite Chandela-era temples and hitherto connected by road and air, recently came onto the rail map with the minister of railways inaugurating the 65-km-long Khajuraho-Mahoba
line. Khajuraho is just a small modest village with no more than 3000 residents surrounded by the forestland. Trains to Delhi and Lucknow are planned from here. Mr Prasad flagged off the Khajuraho-Jhansi Link Passenger train at Khajuraho Station that is designed like a temple. The Khajuraho-Delhi Shatabdi Exp and a Khajuraho-Lucknow train will also be started in the future. As Khajuraho gets a fair number of tourists from all over the world every year, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have sprung up in large numbers at the entrances to the two distinctive groups of temples here. This move by the railway ministry would definitely a boon to travelers to khajuraho tourists.

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