The factors like the global recession, the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and the stringent security measures have weighed heavily on almost every industry and hospitality industry is no different. Very close to the financial capital of India and spied as the next big thing in the world financial and technical Indian, Bangalore would have quite sobering and welcome to 2009. Deemed to be the hub of India, Bangalore hotels outside bombent usually extended, expensive and new year parties tipping each year. However, this year would be a totally different case due to the factors mentioned above. Economically and bumpy with emotion, the environment is just one of partying hard. Most reputable hotels in Bangalore and large are not providing a new year hit this year. Unlike the other years the hotels are responsible for important measures and security measures the situation is grim and tense with terror attacks in Mumbai still fresh in the minds of every Indian. Being very close to Mumbai the hospitality industry in Bangalore has decided years to have a totally new this year.

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