For weeks it is a hot discussion going on in the tourism industry regarding the badly affected India tourism industry. It is for the first time in 6 years, the number of tourists coming to India went down. The situation of India tourism industry was going bad but with the recent mumbai terrorist attacks it has become worst. The tourism ministry of India is on a close watch on the situation. As per official assumptions, the number of visitors of overseas to the country fell by 2.1 percent in November this year compared with November 2007 - of 532.000 with to 521.000.

According to the government it is the impact of the global economic recession rather than the terrorist attack in Mumbai. While the figures for the period of attack of post-terrorist are not yet available, industry whirls already under its impact.
As per people associated with the tourism industry there were more cancellation because of the recent situation in India and recorded as much as cancellations of 20 percent since attacks - particularly in this Western area of the country.

The travelers of the USA, Great Britain, France, of Canada, Australia and the Netherlands comprise a majority of those who visit India. All these countries has already advised their people to be vigilant while visiting India.

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