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Group tours are a special way to travel to different locations with people coming from different culture and regions. Many travel agencies and tour operators organize group tours for their clients in India. If you are part of a group tour you can visit places that may interest you at a lower cost and you can meet lots of people from different parts of the world who are part of the tour.
Indian Tour Planners organizes a special south India group tour covering destinations in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The group tour will be starting from Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala and ends in Chennai having a span of 13 days and 12 nights.
The group tour will be starting on November 10th 2009. One can register for the tour before july 15th 2009. There must be a minimum of 16 persons for the tour and maximum 30 persons.

Visit India group tour to find more details on this unique south India group tour package.

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arunsubru said...

There are lots of group tours organized by different travel companies in India. One of the problem that arises with group tour is that some of the people might not be interested in visiting some places that is already in the tour itinerary.

lemosoft said...

Just now i have visited the website and the tour you have suggested. I found it to be an interesting one. I am looking for an updated tour price.

carcabs said...

As you have mentioned if one is opting for a group tour then one can mingle with lots of people from different regions and the per head cost for the tour will be less.

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