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The entry point most convenient in the east by the Gujarat city of Ahmedabad. The city contains some very fine museums, the Calico Museum of Textiles being considered among the world's finest. The walled city of Ahmedabad is a living testimony to his legacy of trades because women walk around in bright embroidered clothes and silver jewelry ethnic flashing. Ahmedabad combines traditional mosques inspired performance, Jain temples in wood, stone stepwells unique and houses with balconies and wooden screens in a very flowery cut window. Ahmedabad, right across the Sabarmati river crosses four bridges, is a work of contemporary architecture with designs by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and architects of India's best known. Ahmedabad is a convenient base for a number of excursions, Modh is the best known. 106 miles away, this is one of very few temples of the sun in the country. The most beautiful beach of Gujarat - and the state is well with them - is Ahmedpur Mandvi whose chief attraction is the resort ethnicity.

The Gujarat today offers a range of the most spectacular attractions - which includes staggering and scenic places landscapes. The Gujarat is also a melting pot of several civilizations that have resulted in a vibrant culture and rich heritage.
The Gujarat is home to several architectural wonders, to witness its glorious history and pilgrim centers for many times. In conclusion, it is also the land of several historical and mythological figures as Krishna and the legendary Mahatma Gandhi apostle of nonviolence.

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, installation in 1975, provides full-service travel for visitors to the state. These include accommodation, excursions and transportation pipelines on the ground with a range of choices to meet the diverse needs. The company has a network of 19 housing units under the brand name Toran.

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat realize the scope unsurpassed wonderful environment called the Internet. This location is the le 's effort to give the timeless appeal of Gujarat, its traditions, its culture in the world. The task of a culture of 3,500 years can not be accomplished in just a few pages and electronic support and your suggestions are necessary to help us transform itself into an organization that can provide good service on the Internet. Currently on the website, we provide a brief summary of the various tourist attractions of Gujarat, its fairs and festivals with investment opportunities available in Gujarat. Over the years, the number of tourists to Gujarat has risen significantly, largely because of developments inside
infrastructure undertaken by the company.

Gujrath land is fertile, beautiful and prosperous on the coast of Kutch in the west at Daman in the south, the line Aravali hill in the east to Western Hills with large and small rivers of abundant green forests, as well plains in the middle. Rivers and reservoirs, farms and fields, villages and cities, suburbs and cities, markets and industries, temples and complexes are added to its prosperity reveal physical and prosperity of its historical basis . The number of historical monuments, religious places, industrial complexes and training institutions improve the cultural pride of Gujarat. It reminds us of the great traditions of Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi.

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