Goan Recipes

Goa has not only a diverse culture but also a diverse cuisine. The famous cuisine of Goa is a test of necessity for all those traveling to this wonderful place. Many people tend to limit the kitchens of Goan rice, fish and curry. Agreed, the traditional food of Goa and the daily meal of a Goan happy. But the local food of Goa than just rice and fish curry. The cuisine of Goa is sure to leave your tastebuds for more and there are certainly many to choose from. The variety in Goan cuisine is due to the fact that this place has been ordered over the centuries by the Mughals, the governors indous, Portuguese, etc. who really left a permanent mark on the traditional model of Goan cooking and gave him an edge exotic.

One of the most famous kitchens of Goa is the Ambot-tik. It is a sweet and sour dish made of exotic fish. Goa is famous for its seafood which are eaten and loved by people almost religiously! A non-vegetarian matrix will drive the period of his life loving seafood in Goa. Another snack traditional Goan would COM Chouricos of Pao which is basically sausage fry Goan, sautéed onions and served with bread. The typical model of Portugal for dipping meat in a dish of spices before cooking has been adopted as a model typical Goan preparation of meat.

Yet another famous local food and Goa is delicious pork Vindaloo in which pork is cooked in spicy sauce juice and oil. They say if you taste the pork Vindaloo once, you won 't like any other preparation of pork! You can also find many common dishes such as prawns, chicken, beef, etc.. in Goa. Almost every other dish employs Goan rice, fish curry or in the preparation of traditional food products. Coconut is also an important ingredient in Goan cuisine. Many dishes using milk from coconut give it a different aroma and taste exotic. The traditional Goan cuisine is not for those with weak digestion, however. The food is quite pungent and spicy and you put 't want your stomach maugrée delivered after the gluttony sinner!

Goa offers a kitchen really palatable to be tested at any cost. The best places to try local Goan cuisine are these little restaurants beside the road. They can not have the eyes of a five star hotel great but they sure provide services that will win your heart over. You can expect the warmest people you provide every comfort they can afford. The food is prepared with generous doses of love and devotion. Make sure you test and the traditional Goan cuisine which is sure to add spice to your holiday in Goa.

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