Kerala is the end as the south of the Indian peninsula. Kerala la 's culture - its ancient civilization, art forms, belief, and franchise to new ideas - indicates a kaleidoscopic traditions of its rich cultural heritage. Kerala boasts above its cultural diversity with people of different ethnic groups and different religious faiths of the people. This small but enviable state along the west coast of southern India is a melting pot of cultural pluralism. Some of the major events of the culture of Kerala are Onam festival, the temple festival in Thrissur, the annual boat race in Alleppey and Christmas. These festivals add that extra flavour for your kerala tours. If you are visiting kerala during any of these festivals, you can witness a vibrant kerala culture. You can beg your eyes with some of these celebrations during a visit by pools of Kerala. The exotic culture of Kerala also includes various forms of dance, martial arts and mouth-watering cuisine. Kathakali, a the dance form 300 years is one of dance forms the most popular, developed exclusively in Kerala. This dance shows a amalgamation beautiful color, dance, music, drama and expressions. Other dance forms of Kerala are Mohiniyattom, Thullal, Krishnanattom, Koodiyattom, Kolkkali, Thiruvathirakali, Oppanna and Chavittunatakom. Boat races in Kerala Others, unparalleled attraction of God 's own country are racing boat. Those annual races include many classes of boats, but most spectacular event is the race between boats snake or giant Chundanvallams races directory or Vallamkalis held over Rent a boat house designed as a kettuvallam (rice barge) could be one of your most cherished experience in India, but it 's worth every rupee. The drift in a quiet canals filled coconuts, eating delicious food authentic Keralan, meeting with local villagers and sleeping on water in a galaxy of stars he 'world of SA from the clamor of India. Onam festival of Kerala Keralan festivals are amazing, not only in the way they are celebrated but in the end their numbers. Onam is the most During important festival in Kerala, people of southern India. The Kerala Onam celebrated with great enthusiasm and splendor, each house Kerala is cleaned and decorated. Kerala has a rich repertoire of folk dances. Kathakali, Chavittunatakom, Kolkkali, Duffmuttu, and Mohiniyattam are Kutiyattam One of the famous dances in Kerala. As its culture, cuisine of Kerala was also influenced by different traditions. Kerala is a coastal state, it is covered with the green rice fields and plantations where spices that were exported around the world for centuries, are grown. If you are planning to visit kerala try to find out the best kerala tour packages which gives you an enchanting experience of this vibrant south indian state.

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