Why you should visit kerala?

Kerala, better known as Goda s own country, is one of tourist destinations most popular in India. It is one of the state with the most charming and most captivating of India and tourists around the world to visit here very much in large numbers. Why Kerala is so popular among tourists? What s the reason behind the popularity of travel and tourism in this beautiful Indian state? Here are five reasons to make a trip to Kerala.

a. The beauty Kerala is known for its exceptional beauty. It is fun for tourists who love nature. Nature has blessed this state only. Perhaps the most abundant and green state of India. This is the destination where tourists find the wonderful opportunity to see nature at its best. The verdant hill stations, abundant green meadows, the beautiful beaches dotted with trees coconut palm, scenic ponds, wildlife sanctuaries and so on. need are exploring attractions in the state.

b. Kerala monuments and historical heritage is also known for historical monuments. Tourists from all over the world come to Kerala to visit its historical monuments and temples rich. There are several forts, palaces, temples and churches so magnificent. in the state. Bekal Fort, Fort Kochi, Boghatty Palace, the palace Dutch Mattancherry, the flag bastion of Kochi, the Jewish synagogue, the church of St. Francis, the House of Vasco, Fort Palakkad, etc.. are some interesting monuments visit heritage of the state.

The â "Thiruvananthapuram temple of Sri Padmanabhaswamy, has" Thaliparambu temple Triruchambaram Vishnu, the temple of Sri Mutthapan - Parassinikadavu, â glass "Kottamunda, â" Thirunelli, â "Thiruvangoor, â" Kanhangad, temple Temple temple Mahavishnu temple of Sri Mahaganapathy temple Chuliyar Bhagavathy lake - Ananthapura, has "Madhur temple Mahaganapathy, etc.. some are famous temples of the state.

Church of St. Thomas - has "Cheriapalli of Malayattoor Church of St. Mary 's George Street ' â" Puthupalli s church, St. Joseph 's monastery, â "Pala d' Church of St. Thomas Church Street Cherpungal Thomas, etc.. some are famous churches of the state. The monuments heritage of the state are an integral part of each package tour of Kerala.

c. The palm fringed beaches has astounding beaches and pools and ponds are the main tourist attractions of Kerala. How can he believe in Kerala without visiting the beaches abundant green? The beaches are dotted with some wonderful hotel and housing resources offering of world class options and delicious holiday in Kerala. The beaches are dotted with several resource centers and Ayurvedic treatment are the main attractions of beaches in the state. Kovalam, Varkala, Alleppey, strong Kochi, etc. are the main beach destinations in the state. Alleppey and Kumarakom are popular destinations for assessing tourism mare in the state. A stay boat house on the scenic ponds is a life experience of tour of Kerala.

d. The stations enchanting green hill there are several beautiful hill stations in Kerala that deserve the attention of tourists as nature lovers, families, backpackers, adventure lovers, and couples honeymoon around the world. Munnar, Wayanad and Ponmudi are the main destinations of the hill state. These destinations are very popular among couples romantic honeymoon. Couples are really delicious and romantic atmosphere in these beautiful hill stations of the state. Because of the exceptional beauty Munnar is also called as Kashima South.

e. Fairs and festivals colored Kerala is also known for fairs and festivals colorful. Fairs and festivals in this state are celebrated with great fervor and depict the culture and rich traditions of the state. Excursions in Kerala during the period of fairs and festivals is one of the best way to assess the unique charm of the state with rich cultural heritage. The race boat Aaranmula, temple festivals, the Onam, Easter, racing boat Kumarakom, the race boat trophy Nehru, the elephant March, and so on. are fairs and major festivals of the state.

Kerala is the end as the south of the Indian peninsula. Kerala la 's culture - its ancient civilization, art forms, belief, and franchise to new ideas - indicates a kaleidoscopic traditions of its rich cultural heritage. Kerala boasts above its cultural diversity with people of different ethnic groups and different religious faiths of the people. This small but enviable state along the west coast of southern India is a melting pot of cultural pluralism. Some of the major events of the culture of Kerala are Onam festival, the temple festival in Thrissur, the annual boat race in Alleppey and Christmas. These festivals add that extra flavour for your kerala tours. If you are visiting kerala during any of these festivals, you can witness a vibrant kerala culture. You can beg your eyes with some of these celebrations during a visit by pools of Kerala. The exotic culture of Kerala also includes various forms of dance, martial arts and mouth-watering cuisine. Kathakali, a the dance form 300 years is one of dance forms the most popular, developed exclusively in Kerala. This dance shows a amalgamation beautiful color, dance, music, drama and expressions. Other dance forms of Kerala are Mohiniyattom, Thullal, Krishnanattom, Koodiyattom, Kolkkali, Thiruvathirakali, Oppanna and Chavittunatakom. Boat races in Kerala Others, unparalleled attraction of God 's own country are racing boat. Those annual races include many classes of boats, but most spectacular event is the race between boats snake or giant Chundanvallams races directory or Vallamkalis held over Rent a boat house designed as a kettuvallam (rice barge) could be one of your most cherished experience in India, but it 's worth every rupee. The drift in a quiet canals filled coconuts, eating delicious food authentic Keralan, meeting with local villagers and sleeping on water in a galaxy of stars he 'world of SA from the clamor of India. Onam festival of Kerala Keralan festivals are amazing, not only in the way they are celebrated but in the end their numbers. Onam is the most During important festival in Kerala, people of southern India. The Kerala Onam celebrated with great enthusiasm and splendor, each house Kerala is cleaned and decorated. Kerala has a rich repertoire of folk dances. Kathakali, Chavittunatakom, Kolkkali, Duffmuttu, and Mohiniyattam are Kutiyattam One of the famous dances in Kerala. As its culture, cuisine of Kerala was also influenced by different traditions. Kerala is a coastal state, it is covered with the green rice fields and plantations where spices that were exported around the world for centuries, are grown. If you are planning to visit kerala try to find out the best kerala tour packages which gives you an enchanting experience of this vibrant south indian state.

The factors like the global recession, the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and the stringent security measures have weighed heavily on almost every industry and hospitality industry is no different. Very close to the financial capital of India and spied as the next big thing in the world financial and technical Indian, Bangalore would have quite sobering and welcome to 2009. Deemed to be the hub of India, Bangalore hotels outside bombent usually extended, expensive and new year parties tipping each year. However, this year would be a totally different case due to the factors mentioned above. Economically and bumpy with emotion, the environment is just one of partying hard. Most reputable hotels in Bangalore and large are not providing a new year hit this year. Unlike the other years the hotels are responsible for important measures and security measures the situation is grim and tense with terror attacks in Mumbai still fresh in the minds of every Indian. Being very close to Mumbai the hospitality industry in Bangalore has decided years to have a totally new this year.

India Hotels

The recent attacks of terror of Mumbai attracted not only the world judgment and left the city and the country alarmed, but also usurped a great question about the political system and the format of safety of the nation. Terror carnage such terminals limiting like Oberoi and of firings of Taj and unrestrained and blind left the shocked people and suspicious of our security system. After the attacks, safety was reinforced in the places like halls of cinema, hotels, and other public places. After the attacks in close Mumbai, the hotels in south india and hotels in north india tightened security measures considerably. Many north Indian hotels are one or the other installation of their own instruments of safety and plans of risk management or rent services of the management companies of risk. Not only the five stars but even the budget hotels in india are reduction to have a security check refined for safety reasons.

Goa Festive Season - New Year Celebrations

In spite of the prohibition of new year parties in goa due to the safety concerns, the fever of festival seizes Goa while the hotels and the clubs are ready to accomodate celebrations of New Year's Day. The tourists began again to come here after approximately three weeks remaining far following the terror attacks the commercial capital of india, Mumbai. The huts of beach not having any business for the last three weeks are again in the activity like visitors of various parts world preparing to celebrate New Year's Day. The bulletins of information of voyage to india which was published by various countries with their citizens not to visit the country after Mumbai attacks of terror were called with far. But parties organized by the hotels in their places and in the sector included with the traditional dances, all will continue as a normal. India has tightened safety in the country, particularly in coastal regions after attacks in Mumbai.

Khajuraho, globally famous tourist destination, popular for its exquisite Chandela-era temples and hitherto connected by road and air, recently came onto the rail map with the minister of railways inaugurating the 65-km-long Khajuraho-Mahoba
line. Khajuraho is just a small modest village with no more than 3000 residents surrounded by the forestland. Trains to Delhi and Lucknow are planned from here. Mr Prasad flagged off the Khajuraho-Jhansi Link Passenger train at Khajuraho Station that is designed like a temple. The Khajuraho-Delhi Shatabdi Exp and a Khajuraho-Lucknow train will also be started in the future. As Khajuraho gets a fair number of tourists from all over the world every year, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have sprung up in large numbers at the entrances to the two distinctive groups of temples here. This move by the railway ministry would definitely a boon to travelers to khajuraho tourists.

India Friday provided a bulletin of information against the voyage to Pakistan following the brought back arrest several Indians in the country and being in charge of terrorism. There was report/ratio in Pakistani media that several Indian nationals were arrested during the last two days in the locations of Lahore and Multan, and is shown to be, of terrorists external businesses that the spokesperson of ministry said. Indian Nationals are thus advised that it would be not very sure so that they travel or for are in Pakistan. The tensions between the two countries intensified since 26- November 29 the carnage of Mumbai which claimed the most 170 lives and which it India blamed on the terrorists of Pakistani origin.

There are many places of tourist interest in Kerala, as the beautiful beaches, abundant hill stations, spice is gardening, establish plantations of tea and coffee, rubber, flora and the rich fauna, exotic wildlife, the beautiful lakes, backwaters amazing, beautiful waterfalls, structurally fine temples and more. One of the most popular attractions of Kerala is backwaters that drugs are a network of connected lakes, rivers, canals, channels, lagoons, and admissions with the extraordinary natural beauty. The backwaters in Kerala have a stretch of 900 km with the fabulous beauty. Explore backwaters provides the wonderful opportunity to see nature at its best by the end and observe the village hosted the traditional life of Kerala. There are several destinations in the mare that of Kerala are very popular among tourists from all over the world. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kochi, Trivandrum, Kuttanad, Kottayam, Kozhikode, etc. are some popular destinations and many favorite mare of Kerala who are also very popular among households and married as well as general tourists. When you explore the mare of these destinations during your visit Kerala, you will see that the fantastic blend hypnotic of modern and
historic cities, villages and landscapes fringed traditional plantation étonnant abundant green coconut. One of the most popular and most appropriate to explore the stunning beauty of the program backwaters house boat cruise in Kerala above the
stage of quiet backwaters. When we talk about backwaters, the first strike of the thing in our mind is house boat Kerala India. In addition to courses, the house boat in Kerala are special attraction of tourism in Kerala and excellent way to
explore beautiful backwaters. Any mare destinations in Kerala are tight many boat operators and curies at home house boat. Boat traditional luxury house boat CA / Non-AC or packing house-boat rice are available on the place. You can choose one of
them according to your budget and enjoy the charm of scenic backwaters. One of the most important to start your house boat cruise in Kerala above the pool water is quiet scenic Alleppey, also popularly described as Venice of the East. The house
boat Kumarakom provide tourists a great experience accumulates amazing and wonderful holiday. There house boat in Kerala several packages that make you available to help you begin to cross the beautiful city of Alleppey. House boats are available here on the daily rental or for a longer time. The room cruise ship above the pools Alleppey is also very popular among married couples. It provides households married and options completely different and wonderful honeymoon vacation. The house boat cruise night in and around pools Alleppey creates fascinating and romantic atmosphere for married. The house boat a couple Alleppey across the world only made of water, the wonder and serenity. It provides an fabulous opportunity to observe the neighboring fishing villages, colorful flowers all around you, the beauty of nature, people in daily activities, water birds, etc which are an unforgettable experience. If you want to explore the beautiful lakes and enjoy the amazing world of unique water and wonders, visit Kerala. Be sure your excursions in pools of Kerala that you have an experience like no other. For exciting houseboat and backwater trips visit kerala backwater tours

Goan Recipes

Goa has not only a diverse culture but also a diverse cuisine. The famous cuisine of Goa is a test of necessity for all those traveling to this wonderful place. Many people tend to limit the kitchens of Goan rice, fish and curry. Agreed, the traditional food of Goa and the daily meal of a Goan happy. But the local food of Goa than just rice and fish curry. The cuisine of Goa is sure to leave your tastebuds for more and there are certainly many to choose from. The variety in Goan cuisine is due to the fact that this place has been ordered over the centuries by the Mughals, the governors indous, Portuguese, etc. who really left a permanent mark on the traditional model of Goan cooking and gave him an edge exotic.

One of the most famous kitchens of Goa is the Ambot-tik. It is a sweet and sour dish made of exotic fish. Goa is famous for its seafood which are eaten and loved by people almost religiously! A non-vegetarian matrix will drive the period of his life loving seafood in Goa. Another snack traditional Goan would COM Chouricos of Pao which is basically sausage fry Goan, sautéed onions and served with bread. The typical model of Portugal for dipping meat in a dish of spices before cooking has been adopted as a model typical Goan preparation of meat.

Yet another famous local food and Goa is delicious pork Vindaloo in which pork is cooked in spicy sauce juice and oil. They say if you taste the pork Vindaloo once, you won 't like any other preparation of pork! You can also find many common dishes such as prawns, chicken, beef, etc.. in Goa. Almost every other dish employs Goan rice, fish curry or in the preparation of traditional food products. Coconut is also an important ingredient in Goan cuisine. Many dishes using milk from coconut give it a different aroma and taste exotic. The traditional Goan cuisine is not for those with weak digestion, however. The food is quite pungent and spicy and you put 't want your stomach maugrée delivered after the gluttony sinner!

Goa offers a kitchen really palatable to be tested at any cost. The best places to try local Goan cuisine are these little restaurants beside the road. They can not have the eyes of a five star hotel great but they sure provide services that will win your heart over. You can expect the warmest people you provide every comfort they can afford. The food is prepared with generous doses of love and devotion. Make sure you test and the traditional Goan cuisine which is sure to add spice to your holiday in Goa.

According to the tourism minister of India many countries have reviewed or removed from their ballots against travel information visit India in the wake of terrorist attacks then the government has addressed the issue with them by Indian missions overseas. Tourism The Minister said despite the intelligence bulletins, foreign tourist arrivals continues to increase in four years. During this year from January to November about 4.84 million travelers has visited India.

Tourism minister has said that information bulletins travel have been published by various countries in the recent past, asking their citizens to avoid travel or take precautions while traveling to destinations in India which are disturbed on a temporary basis. After the terror attack of 26 November Mumbai, countries like USA, Great Britain and Australia had advised their citizens to avoid traveling to India. But later some of them have reviewed and have just asked them citizens to exercise caution.

As per a move announced by tourism ministry to encourage repeated visits to India. Visitors from abroad who visit India in 2009 will have a chance to obtain an additional sample of the country 'tourism exotic adventure s sublimate and eco tourism, rural and health in 2010 and 2011 also. This new offer has been introduced
in the wake of terrorist attacks in Mumbai in which many people foreigners as well as local tourists has lost their lives. Apart from fiscal support, representatives of sectors of hospitality and travel and tour operators have also sought relaxations tax status and industry of tourism infrastructure, better connectivity and improved the maintenance of national monuments.

India Tourist Friendly Police

In wake of the recent terrorist activities and mishaps in India, tourism ministry of India is planning to setup a tourism friendly police all major Indian tourist destination. This has been informed by tourism minister. The minister has also said that Ministry of Tourism in consultation with the ministries of home and defense and national governments had framed guidelines for strength training organization called tourists and security. The minister has said the government of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa have already deployed tourist friendly police in their most visited tourism destinations in the respective states. The main aim of setting up a tourist police force is help tourist in those worst situation and mishaps that can harm their life and guide the tourists to keep away from unreliable and unlawful activities. In Goa one 15 year old British girl was killed in February due to some local problems, these type of mishaps can be avoided if tourist friendly police is being deployed in major tourist destinations.

For weeks it is a hot discussion going on in the tourism industry regarding the badly affected India tourism industry. It is for the first time in 6 years, the number of tourists coming to India went down. The situation of India tourism industry was going bad but with the recent mumbai terrorist attacks it has become worst. The tourism ministry of India is on a close watch on the situation. As per official assumptions, the number of visitors of overseas to the country fell by 2.1 percent in November this year compared with November 2007 - of 532.000 with to 521.000.

According to the government it is the impact of the global economic recession rather than the terrorist attack in Mumbai. While the figures for the period of attack of post-terrorist are not yet available, industry whirls already under its impact.
As per people associated with the tourism industry there were more cancellation because of the recent situation in India and recorded as much as cancellations of 20 percent since attacks - particularly in this Western area of the country.

The travelers of the USA, Great Britain, France, of Canada, Australia and the Netherlands comprise a majority of those who visit India. All these countries has already advised their people to be vigilant while visiting India.

Things not to do in Goa

It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure. If you are visiting any part of the world you must avoid and refrain from doing some things that can bring adverse affects to tour. During a tour package your health is most important. You can enjoy the tour only if your body and mind is health. With regard to Goa there is less chance of serious disease or epidemics any way it is recommended to take health precautions while visiting the destination. A few pieces of basic health and safety for passengers of Goa are given below. Check it out as they can come handy in emergencies and at the same time you save about how to take care of yourself here.

Everyone loves to have local food wherever we are traveling. In Goa salads and delicacies prepared with fruits are readily available in the small shops and local restaurants. It is great to try the local cuisine, but make sure they are made in hygienic circumstances before having it. Do not locally served water especially from the road side. Since most health complications occur because of polluted drinking water, try to drink mineral water which are bottled in decent shops. In case you would get ill, see the local doctor or hospital. It is recommended that you carry some first aid items like band aids, antiseptic cream, lotion burning, etc. If you have a health condition such as diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, etc.. to bring along medical supplies commensurate with the requirement. Bring along the tan lotion sun while you go to the beach because the sun can be very strong here and there are possibilities of burning skin.

Best time to visit goa

Destination Goa is the best place to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in the beaches. You can visit this beautiful place anytime of the year but it is not recommended to visit goa during monsoon season. During monsoons goan sands becomes very sloshed and the sea turns a bit violent. Otherwise, the ideal time of year that can be called the season for the travel of Goa takes place from October to March. Right after the monsoon time becomes much more pleasant, clarify the heavens and the seas become calm and placid. Each monument and each building looks like it was washed Spick and size. There is not a point of dust on trees and watch the green drunk. The weather is simply perfect to enjoy your holiday completely. Visit the fair and Goa after the monsoons from October - March Goa and experience to in its best form.

Bhavnagar Gujarat

Bhavnagar was founded by Bhavsinhji Gohil (1703 - AD 64) in 1723 AD near the Gulf of Khambhat on a carefully chosen strategic location with the potential of maritime trade. Until independence, the state of Bhavnagar was ordered by the clan Gohil Rajput.

The Rajputs Gohil came to Marvar of Gujarat in 1260 AD and were 3 capital Sejakpur, Umrala and Sihor; before finally establish Bhavnagar as their capital.

The old town of Bhavnagar was a city enriched with doors leading to other major cities in the region. The Darbargadh (royal residence) was located in the city center. The rules of Bhavnagar later shifted to the palace of Motibaugh and Nilambaugh.

Bhavnagar remained the main port for almost two centuries, merchant products with Africa, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Singapore and the Persian Gulf. This flourishing maritime trade has resulted in the high rate of urbanization, surplus wealth and cosmopolitan culture of the city.

The current day Bhavnagar owes much to the vision of Mr. past Takhtsinhji Gohil (1869 - Rule ANNOUNCES 96). The planning arrangements have been designed and implemented under the guidance of progressive rules of Bhavnagar. During the reign of Mr. Takhtsinhji, the Proctor Sims British engineer status led the construction of the library Barton, the Supreme Court, high school and Takhtsinhji Mr. Alfred Hospital.

The temple Takhetshwar (AD 1893) is located on a hill on a high plinth, offering a Commander of Bhavnagar. The high Shikhar rising above the rectangular columns mandapa makes it a significant landmark. The library Barton (1895 AD) is a beautiful building two-told, properly designed for a road junction. It built two wings and a central tower in stone masonry stone, with Gothic arch windows and a sloping roof with tiles of Mangalore. It is one of the oldest libraries of Gujarat and also houses a museum.

Gangajalia (AD 1893) is a temple dedicated to Gangadevi with Chhatra, flag and a bridge on all white marble. It is located in the middle of an old tank. It was designed by Sir John Griffith, director of Sir JJ School of Arts, Bombay.

The Nilambaugh palace, now a heritage hotel, magnificent building is set among the huge field of 10 acres. it was designed by a German. architect, as royal residence in 1859 AD It combines elements of Indian architecture with modern outlook.

City Hall (1932 AD) was a Darbar Hall, where the crowning of Mr. Krishnakumarsinhji took place. It is an imposing structure in the colonial model of thee, set in a garden well presented. Victoria Park is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Gandhi Smriti is a memorial, with a library of books and photographs Gandhian about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It also has a fine collection of objects to represent the culture of the region of Saurashtra.

Gujarat Tourism

The entry point most convenient in the east by the Gujarat city of Ahmedabad. The city contains some very fine museums, the Calico Museum of Textiles being considered among the world's finest. The walled city of Ahmedabad is a living testimony to his legacy of trades because women walk around in bright embroidered clothes and silver jewelry ethnic flashing. Ahmedabad combines traditional mosques inspired performance, Jain temples in wood, stone stepwells unique and houses with balconies and wooden screens in a very flowery cut window. Ahmedabad, right across the Sabarmati river crosses four bridges, is a work of contemporary architecture with designs by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and architects of India's best known. Ahmedabad is a convenient base for a number of excursions, Modh is the best known. 106 miles away, this is one of very few temples of the sun in the country. The most beautiful beach of Gujarat - and the state is well with them - is Ahmedpur Mandvi whose chief attraction is the resort ethnicity.

The Gujarat today offers a range of the most spectacular attractions - which includes staggering and scenic places landscapes. The Gujarat is also a melting pot of several civilizations that have resulted in a vibrant culture and rich heritage.
The Gujarat is home to several architectural wonders, to witness its glorious history and pilgrim centers for many times. In conclusion, it is also the land of several historical and mythological figures as Krishna and the legendary Mahatma Gandhi apostle of nonviolence.

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, installation in 1975, provides full-service travel for visitors to the state. These include accommodation, excursions and transportation pipelines on the ground with a range of choices to meet the diverse needs. The company has a network of 19 housing units under the brand name Toran.

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat realize the scope unsurpassed wonderful environment called the Internet. This location is the le 's effort to give the timeless appeal of Gujarat, its traditions, its culture in the world. The task of a culture of 3,500 years can not be accomplished in just a few pages and electronic support and your suggestions are necessary to help us transform itself into an organization that can provide good service on the Internet. Currently on the website, we provide a brief summary of the various tourist attractions of Gujarat, its fairs and festivals with investment opportunities available in Gujarat. Over the years, the number of tourists to Gujarat has risen significantly, largely because of developments inside
infrastructure undertaken by the company.

Gujrath land is fertile, beautiful and prosperous on the coast of Kutch in the west at Daman in the south, the line Aravali hill in the east to Western Hills with large and small rivers of abundant green forests, as well plains in the middle. Rivers and reservoirs, farms and fields, villages and cities, suburbs and cities, markets and industries, temples and complexes are added to its prosperity reveal physical and prosperity of its historical basis . The number of historical monuments, religious places, industrial complexes and training institutions improve the cultural pride of Gujarat. It reminds us of the great traditions of Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi.

Tourism in Goa, already swirling in the global economic slowdown, will be more affected after the Mumbai terror attacks. The numbers are already revealing a decrease in the number of tourists in Goa and decrease in hotel bookings. Most of those who are traveling in India usually reach Mumbai to travel to Goa. With the recent terror attacks there is a feeling that Mumbai is now unsafe. So the number is likely to fall strictly in the coming months ie,. January and February. Usually in the past years, advance booking for the months of January and February will be done by the month of December but the number of advance bookings is very less for the coming months in Goa. Entries recent travel information published by France, the USA, Britain and Australia has also hurt prospects for tourism in Goa and other parts of India. What can we do to win the confidence of tourists to regain the lost pride.

India Group Tour

Group tours are a special way to travel to different locations with people coming from different culture and regions. Many travel agencies and tour operators organize group tours for their clients in India. If you are part of a group tour you can visit places that may interest you at a lower cost and you can meet lots of people from different parts of the world who are part of the tour.
Indian Tour Planners organizes a special south India group tour covering destinations in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The group tour will be starting from Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala and ends in Chennai having a span of 13 days and 12 nights.
The group tour will be starting on November 10th 2009. One can register for the tour before july 15th 2009. There must be a minimum of 16 persons for the tour and maximum 30 persons.

Visit India group tour to find more details on this unique south India group tour package.

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