Kerala is a land of temples, perhaps the pilgrimage destination of the most famous in Kerala is Sabarimala, high up in the Sahyadri Mountains (Western Ghats). The Sabarimala temple of Sri Dharmasastha is the most famous and forward among all the temples of Sastha. It is believed that Parasurama Maharshi which sought Kerala from the sea by throwing his ax, installed the idol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa.

The pilgrimage starts in November and ends in January. The temple attracts pilgrims not only from the southern Indian states, but also other parts of the country and abroad. The tomb gets filled with devotees especially during the main pilgrim season from November to January. Some customs must be strictly observed if we must undertake a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Now be pilgrim Mandalapooja should observe austerities for 41 days. During this period, the pilgrim should abstain himself from non - vegetarian habits and cardinal pleasures.

The pilgrims in groups to seek a leader, and each carries a packet of tissue known to contain kettu traditional Irumudi offers. In contrast to some indous temples, Sabarimala temple has no restriction of caste or faith. The temple is open to males
all age groups and women who are either past their age and fertility before they reach the stage of puberty. The easiest route is through Chalakkayam through which can reach the banks of river Pamba by vehicle. Pamba is the force stopping point on the way to Sabarimala. From here you must trek 4 to 5 kms to reach the temple.

Sabarimala (0929 North 7706 East) is located in the middle of 18 hills, in a bowl of land blessed with a small rivulets called "Urakuzhi Theertham ". The sector is in the hilly regions in the east of Kerala around Tamilnadu. Sea levels are above average altitude is approximately 1260 feet Metres/4135 temples existed in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional (and intact temples) exist in many places in the surroundings as Nilackal, Kalaketi, Inchiparakotta and Karimala, leftovers the temples are evident in the hills remaining.

In the Thiruvanathapuram International Airport (formerly of Trivandrum), Sabarimala is situated to 010 Kms degrees/115. Similarly, the international airport at Kochi (Cochin past) it is located at 118 Kms degrees/106. These distances distances are direct air or `distance 'as the crow flies ".

The pilgrimage to Sabarimala is a singular example of a pilgrimage where pilgrims, irrespective of caste, creed, position or social status, are matched with a spirit and an incantation "constantly dreaming of darshan of the deity of presidency Sannidhanam saint. The deity at Sabarimala presidency is Dharmashastha / Lord Ayyappan / Ayyanaar, one of the deities venerated among the Hindu Pantheon of gods. Millions of Indians every year, regardless of wealth of caste, religion or faith the tiny complex to darshan of Lord Ayyappan. Check with the Hindu philosophy of `thathvamasi (the art of miles) at Sabarimala, to lord and his passionate Common directly, without intermediaries.

The legend was that the temple at Sabarimala was built by Parasurama, the warrior-sage which took over the land of Kerala the sea is one of five temples panchashastha of `yogi erected by the powerful to protect against destructive Kerala
elements, the others being Kulathuppuzha, Aryankavu, Achankovil and Erumeli. At Kulathuppuzha, the Lord is worshiped as infant boy, in just a Aryankavu as on the edge of marriage and at Achankovil, he is portrayed as the `grihasthashrami
with his wives, and Poorna Pushkala.

However, the Lord of Sabarimala Ayyappan / Dharmashastha is a Brahmachari in a state of eternal happiness or Samadhi, standing `chinmudra. He said that the Lord has searched the house alone to meditate shortly after victory of the devil, in a Mahishi
fierce battle. The sannidhanam (temple) is open only during the passionate mandalapooja (November to January), makaravilakku , Vishu and the beginning of each month in the Malayalam calendar.

Surrounded by abundant tropical jungles and 18 hills, the tomb is over 1260m/4135ft above sea level is part of Sabarimala Sahyadris (Western Ghats), the remains of ancient temples are evident in the hills and in contiguous Nilackal, and Kalaketi Karimala offerings are still made to quote / devas. In eastern sannidhanam is the `Vavarnada which commemorates Vavar, a Muslim Senor associated Ayyappan. This passage speaks volumes about the friendship among religions present in Kerala.

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