Attacks by terrorists on the Taj Mahal and the Oberoi five-star hotels favored by Western Travelers is a big blow to Indian tourism sector which was affected by the global economic slowdown. Last week Indian tourism minister, Ambika Soni said that the slowdown in global economic activity was severely damaged the sector. The attacks are achieving even this unlikely, with industry figures conceded that the high season could have been ruined just as it began.
According to a travel operator from Mumbai, most of the travel agents in India were worried about economic slowdown and its impact on tourism industry in India but this is a direct attack on our industry because it has targeted hotels and foreigners. For Indian tourism this is the peak season. After Mumbai attacks many foreigners has canceled their booking in hotels and airlines. Many airlines like kingfisher airlines has rescheduled their flights from Mumbai after the attacks by the militants. This is the first time in India a gang of terrorists has targeted elite hotels and foreigners. If attacks like these continues then it will not only affects India tourism seasons but also foreign investments in the tourism sector.

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