Hotels in south India

South india has got lots of destination which are having tourism importance. Indian Tour Planners offers hotel and resort bookings in all the major destinations in south india. Here are the list of south india hotels.

Hotels in Bangalore, Hotels in Mangalore, Hotels in Chennai, Hotels in Hassan, Hotels in Coorg, Hotels in Mahabalipuram, Hotels in Kanchipuram, Hotels in Kovalam, Hotels in Alleppey, Hotels in Kumily, Hotels in Wayanad, Hotels in Thekkady, Hotels in Munnar, Hotels in Trivandrum, Hotels in Quilon, Hotels in Kanyakumari, Hotels in Kumarakom, Hotels in Goa, Hotels in Ooty, Hotels in Mysore, Hotels in KodaiKanal, Hotels in Thrissur, Hotels in Thanjavur, Hotels in Cochin,
Hotels in Chettinadu
, Hotels in Calicut, Hotels in Malappuram, Hotels in Palakkad, Hotels in Madurai

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Martin said...

Mahabalipuram is a treasure house of ancient Tamil art, culture, civilization, & history. A coastal city, Mahabalipuram has an immense place of importance in Tamil history and mythology. This beautiful coastal city of Tamil Nadu is ordained with a number of temples and places of archeological importance. It is not surprising therefore, that because of the overabundance of these places Mahabalipuram is often referred to as a legacy in stone. The unique instances of art, culture and architecture that has been preserved by the kings of the then Pallava dynasty proves to be a delight to the eye even today and it is not for nothing that Mahabalipuram is known as an “open air museum”. The richness of Mahabalipuram has made it one of the most favorite tourist places of South India. Hotels in Mahabalipuram are for tourists from different walks of life. As the place is more of a tourist destination rather than a business one, there are many leisure hotels and budget hotels in Mahabalipuram.

vinesh said...
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