More Domestic Tourists to Goa

It seems almost a new airline a week in this country, this is the speed of growth of aviation sector. A major impact of this change is on domestic tourism. Today the upper middle class living in many metro cities in India is now ready and have plans to go to Goa for a quick break. Today the choice of airlines and hotels in Goa are many. In Goa there are hotels and resorts which suits every budget and all leading hotel chains in India has got a hotel/resort in Goa. According to recent statistics from the Indian tourism department the Indians traveling around India - had almost doubled last year, which is an amazing statistic.

More and more domestic tourists are opting Goa as their places to take a break. Goa, which has a population of approximately 1.3 million, attracting almost twice as many tourists each season. The tourist season starts in October, peaks in December and decreases in February. The current tourist season appears to be due to loose global economic slowdown, with a sharp decrease in the number of aircraft flying close down in Goa Russia, Great Britain and Germany.

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