Kerala is a land of temples, perhaps the pilgrimage destination of the most famous in Kerala is Sabarimala, high up in the Sahyadri Mountains (Western Ghats). The Sabarimala temple of Sri Dharmasastha is the most famous and forward among all the temples of Sastha. It is believed that Parasurama Maharshi which sought Kerala from the sea by throwing his ax, installed the idol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa.

The pilgrimage starts in November and ends in January. The temple attracts pilgrims not only from the southern Indian states, but also other parts of the country and abroad. The tomb gets filled with devotees especially during the main pilgrim season from November to January. Some customs must be strictly observed if we must undertake a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Now be pilgrim Mandalapooja should observe austerities for 41 days. During this period, the pilgrim should abstain himself from non - vegetarian habits and cardinal pleasures.

The pilgrims in groups to seek a leader, and each carries a packet of tissue known to contain kettu traditional Irumudi offers. In contrast to some indous temples, Sabarimala temple has no restriction of caste or faith. The temple is open to males
all age groups and women who are either past their age and fertility before they reach the stage of puberty. The easiest route is through Chalakkayam through which can reach the banks of river Pamba by vehicle. Pamba is the force stopping point on the way to Sabarimala. From here you must trek 4 to 5 kms to reach the temple.

Sabarimala (0929 North 7706 East) is located in the middle of 18 hills, in a bowl of land blessed with a small rivulets called "Urakuzhi Theertham ". The sector is in the hilly regions in the east of Kerala around Tamilnadu. Sea levels are above average altitude is approximately 1260 feet Metres/4135 temples existed in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional (and intact temples) exist in many places in the surroundings as Nilackal, Kalaketi, Inchiparakotta and Karimala, leftovers the temples are evident in the hills remaining.

In the Thiruvanathapuram International Airport (formerly of Trivandrum), Sabarimala is situated to 010 Kms degrees/115. Similarly, the international airport at Kochi (Cochin past) it is located at 118 Kms degrees/106. These distances distances are direct air or `distance 'as the crow flies ".

The pilgrimage to Sabarimala is a singular example of a pilgrimage where pilgrims, irrespective of caste, creed, position or social status, are matched with a spirit and an incantation "constantly dreaming of darshan of the deity of presidency Sannidhanam saint. The deity at Sabarimala presidency is Dharmashastha / Lord Ayyappan / Ayyanaar, one of the deities venerated among the Hindu Pantheon of gods. Millions of Indians every year, regardless of wealth of caste, religion or faith the tiny complex to darshan of Lord Ayyappan. Check with the Hindu philosophy of `thathvamasi (the art of miles) at Sabarimala, to lord and his passionate Common directly, without intermediaries.

The legend was that the temple at Sabarimala was built by Parasurama, the warrior-sage which took over the land of Kerala the sea is one of five temples panchashastha of `yogi erected by the powerful to protect against destructive Kerala
elements, the others being Kulathuppuzha, Aryankavu, Achankovil and Erumeli. At Kulathuppuzha, the Lord is worshiped as infant boy, in just a Aryankavu as on the edge of marriage and at Achankovil, he is portrayed as the `grihasthashrami
with his wives, and Poorna Pushkala.

However, the Lord of Sabarimala Ayyappan / Dharmashastha is a Brahmachari in a state of eternal happiness or Samadhi, standing `chinmudra. He said that the Lord has searched the house alone to meditate shortly after victory of the devil, in a Mahishi
fierce battle. The sannidhanam (temple) is open only during the passionate mandalapooja (November to January), makaravilakku , Vishu and the beginning of each month in the Malayalam calendar.

Surrounded by abundant tropical jungles and 18 hills, the tomb is over 1260m/4135ft above sea level is part of Sabarimala Sahyadris (Western Ghats), the remains of ancient temples are evident in the hills and in contiguous Nilackal, and Kalaketi Karimala offerings are still made to quote / devas. In eastern sannidhanam is the `Vavarnada which commemorates Vavar, a Muslim Senor associated Ayyappan. This passage speaks volumes about the friendship among religions present in Kerala.

Indian Tour Planners offers a tour package to visit sabariamala temple and other important temples in kerla likes Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, chengannur Temple and Guruvayoor Temple. As tour tour itenary one will be picked up from cochin and dropped in cochin after the sabarimala tour. Visit the webpage to find out more about this package.

Attacks by terrorists on the Taj Mahal and the Oberoi five-star hotels favored by Western Travelers is a big blow to Indian tourism sector which was affected by the global economic slowdown. Last week Indian tourism minister, Ambika Soni said that the slowdown in global economic activity was severely damaged the sector. The attacks are achieving even this unlikely, with industry figures conceded that the high season could have been ruined just as it began.
According to a travel operator from Mumbai, most of the travel agents in India were worried about economic slowdown and its impact on tourism industry in India but this is a direct attack on our industry because it has targeted hotels and foreigners. For Indian tourism this is the peak season. After Mumbai attacks many foreigners has canceled their booking in hotels and airlines. Many airlines like kingfisher airlines has rescheduled their flights from Mumbai after the attacks by the militants. This is the first time in India a gang of terrorists has targeted elite hotels and foreigners. If attacks like these continues then it will not only affects India tourism seasons but also foreign investments in the tourism sector.

Airline operators who offer service in the domestic sector has said that their flights were operating according to schedule, but some airlines have canceled their international services to and from Mumbai. Jet airways one of the major private carrier in India has said that it had canceled or clubbed or any of its flights from Mumbai following the terror strike that claimed at least 101 lives.

Another major private airline, Kingfisher Airlines, has clubbed some flights as the passengers are not willing to travel. Kingfisher airlines operates about 10 flights to and from Mumbai.

The budget airline operator Spicejet is not effected by the misfortune sufferings in Mumbai. SpiceJet has indicated that it has tightened security at its offices in the country. However Air India has said that its flights to Mumbai were on time.

Lufthansa, KLM and USA's Northwest Airlines have canceled their flights early as were late to reach airport hotels. Cathay Pacific Airways who operators about 10 flights to Mumbai in a week said it will fly as normal to the terror hit Mumbai. British Airways, which operates two flights daily from London, has also said that it would operate as usual. Flights to Mumbai and Chennai temple city of Madurai, 400 km south of here, were delayed.

The German airline Lufthansa canceled two flights to the Indian city of Mumbai on Thursday and said a decision on flights Friday depended on the likely security for its crew and passengers. The flights were placed to from Frankfurt and Munich.

German travel agencies said they reroute tours of India in Mumbai to avoid because of the violence and to visit other Indian cities in place.

Tourism minister of India Ambika Soni said that the global economic recession has affected the overall Indian tourism industry. Accepting that the economic melt down affected the rate of growth of tourism in the country, the minister also said that the industry is strong enough to overcome worst situations. The minister said while the contribution of traditional U.S. tourists and Britain was affected, efforts were in line promote Indian tourist spots in Asian and African countries. We have vibrant tourism services - from health tourism to rural tourism, pilgrimage tourism to adventure tourism. India Tourism has got several plans in place to overcome the slowdown of the market and maintain our growth.

Considering India as tourist destination for 365 days, minister has also added that the period from January to October this year recorded a number of 4.32 million foreign tourist arrivals which is an increase of 9.4 for cent when compared to same period last year.

There are a number of locations around the world intact where trips arranged by our operators are many. Travelers usually want to ensure they see the best places and prefer an expert tour company to provide a route to destinations including the best places to visit. How to find the best tour based on passenger interest and wishes. Some of the most things to consider before choosing a travel agent are:

Make sure how quickly the travel agent understands your interests and wishes which can be assessed based on their response.
Does the tour operator provide qualified professionals as tour guides.
How long has the tour operator has been in the business. If the tour operator is relatively a new one then they might not be well aware of all the destinations which you want to visit.
Does the travel company provide safe transportation and good quality accommodations. You can better ask the tour operator where our lodging is provided and which type of vehicle they are using for transportation.
Is the company authorized to operate tours.
How will the willingness and ability to tour to meet your special interests and wishes

The most prominent thing to be considered is probably to find the tour with the best guide. Listen to your advice guide how people adapt to the country lifestyle and culture, and you get the most out of your stay based on the places of people.

It is more difficult to assess what is so the company can ensure that special experience that will leave you with unique adventures and unforgettable memories. Will it be so hard to say travelers want your friends and family about your experiences of travel and tour?

Here travelers can ask to tour client references. Do they have comments from passengers who were on their rounds in any written form?

To know more about a travel agent travelers can use a combination of sources to find the best tour like Websites of tour companies, Brochures released by the travel agents, News articles and journals in media, sending email query (email answers) answers on phone etc.

Try to understand the tour which you have been offered by the travel agent before embarking on a tour. Have Great Holidays.

More Domestic Tourists to Goa

It seems almost a new airline a week in this country, this is the speed of growth of aviation sector. A major impact of this change is on domestic tourism. Today the upper middle class living in many metro cities in India is now ready and have plans to go to Goa for a quick break. Today the choice of airlines and hotels in Goa are many. In Goa there are hotels and resorts which suits every budget and all leading hotel chains in India has got a hotel/resort in Goa. According to recent statistics from the Indian tourism department the Indians traveling around India - had almost doubled last year, which is an amazing statistic.

More and more domestic tourists are opting Goa as their places to take a break. Goa, which has a population of approximately 1.3 million, attracting almost twice as many tourists each season. The tourist season starts in October, peaks in December and decreases in February. The current tourist season appears to be due to loose global economic slowdown, with a sharp decrease in the number of aircraft flying close down in Goa Russia, Great Britain and Germany.

The Minister for Tourism and culture Ambika Soni said that all efforts are on to improve growth in Indian tourism sector. According to the minister arrangements are formulated and implemented in a way to connect the urban and rural divide, each and every social and ethnic group will be included in the promotion of tourism in India.
As minister said, priority will be given by government with special focus on employment generation and skilled labor. Tourism is an important sector for employment generation and according to estimates available with the government it
provides 8.9 percent of employment in India. In 2007 tourism contributed 6.23 percent to GDP and tourism has produced 53.7 million, employment.

Minister has also added that government also presented arrangements of capacity building through rural tourism, where one can learn and earn more about hospitality industry upholding India's traditional policy Atithi Devo Bhavah.

Goa, with its inherent culture of the game, is the venue ideal to celebrate the birth of a new year of fun and frolics. Tourists and hikers descended across the world to revel in Goa for the celebrations accompanying the celebration of New Year in Goa.

The new year in Goa translates to a lot of partying in the fresh night of the state. The maximum tourist season, which starts from November, reached a crescendo with the new year on striking the door. Hotels and resources are all decorated up in anticipation of the influx of tourists and follows feverish competition to attract holiday with offers exciting new year.

Visit 4 days 3 nights christmas goa tour and 4 days 3 nights new year goa tour with indian tour planners.

In Goa the sand is warm and the water is fresh to rejuvenate to yourself. Goa has got everything for children, youngsters and adults, if they love the water to keep away from Goan beaches. It is is fact during the Christmas season and New Year, prices go up and hotel rooms are booked far in advance. The beaches like Colva, Benaulim are less crowded compared to clusters and clusters of people landing other locations of Goa during tourism season.

If you are an overseas traveler to goa then keep anti allergy medicines and other essentials in your hand. As it is little bit hot during day time when compared to western countries you will get dehydrated quickly at that time drink only packaged water. You can try new dishes and recipes in goa keep in mind about the hygiene. Don't have all the cakes and sweet which are provided during new year parties. Have it but not too much.

Goa is a place which you can visit round the year but during Christmas and new year it is more fun filled and you can meet lots of people from around the world. To enjoy a vibrant and jubilant Goa then you must visit Goa during Christmas and Goa. Here are two tour packages Christmas Goa tour and new year Goa tour to visit Goa during Christmas and new year.

Below you can find other christmas tours and new year tours for other destinations in kerala like,
Two Days Kovalam New Year Tour, Varkala New Year Tour, Munnar New Year Tour, Kovalam New Year Tour, Cochin New Year Tour, Poovar New Year Tour, Alleppey New Year Tour, Kumarakom New Year Tour, 7 Days New Year Tour, 10 Days Kerala New Year Tour.

Happy Christmas and a Glorious New Year

More Tourists to Bodh Gaya (Bodh Gaya Tourism)

As the winter season begins in Bodh Gaya, the center saint famous Buddhist pilgrimage, is beginning to witness the arrival of tourists and pilgrims of more and more important to different parts of the county and the world . Not many may know but Bodhgaya today is not simply known as a center of Buddhist pilgrims and important archaeological site, but also for its various meditation courses offered by a number of institutes in and around the city. Most of these courses are conducted in winter. Therefore, visitor numbers continue to swell between October and February. People come here from October to February because the weather was fine, and pray and visit people prefer these months. People find time to meditate under the Bodhi tree for hours together. Bodh Gaya which is a small town in the state of Bihar is one of the most visited Buddhist site in India. It is stated to be the place where Buddha attained spiritual clarification while meditating under this tree. For the followers of Buddhism Bodh Gaya is the promiment of the four main pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha. The other three being Kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath.

Ayurveda is a science of health, curative system's oldest and most complete known today. The word Ayurveda, derived from 2 limits Sanskrit, literally means: knowledge of life. At the heart of Ayurveda is the concept of `3 doshas': Vath, Pitha and Kapha. These doshas are present in each and the predominance of one over the other determines the type of body and constitution. Balancing the three foster a harmonious body and mind healthy. Ayurveda prescribed by the sages of India several millennium ago and he now earns in popularity throughout the West because its systems are more appropriate than ever in treating diseases of the modern age. This holistic treatment involves various types of massage and oil applications, inhalations, diet, medicines and normal need. The treatment plans are also individual people.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of Indian medicine that treats the physical, mental, social and spiritual man life.

In Ayurveda life is defined as a unified state of the physical body, five sense organs, mind and soul. This approach holstic Ayurveda is unique to once compared to other systems currently popular. According Ayuveda a healthy person is one that is established in se. Two jets are recommended in Ayurveda. It is to preserve and increase the health individuals already in good health. Second involves the management of the disease and restore health.

This includes five treatement is intented therapeutic procedures for changes of body core level. Panchakarma is essentially a cleaning process to remove the accumulated toxins at all levels and to also land suitable for rejuvenation of the system. The protocol consists Panchakarma procedures and after preliminary treatment. Panchakarma is made both as prophylatic and curative measures.

A unique contribution of Ayurveda, which is rejuvenation in nature and be followed after Panchakarma. Rasayana has multidiamentional mode of action. This, disease treatment, delays the aging process, support immunity, increase mental jurisdiction if used in the manner prescribed.

Kovalam in Kerala is not only famous for its shores kissed by the sun or by palm fringed beaches but also because of the holistic Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda is an ancient form of treatment that started years back India. Ayurveda offers range of holistic treatments that regenerates your body and soul. Kovalam in Kerala also offers a chain of Ayurvedic therapies. Tourists from all over the world come to Kerala to take advantage of rejuvenating properties inside Ayurveda Kovalam. The herbs of Kerala have unique properties due to the special climate in the region and it is the root, one of the Ayurvedic point of the country.

Kovalam is not only famous for its golden beaches but also for kovalam ayurveda. Introducing ayurvedic beach resort in kovalam and ayurveda therapy in kovalam

Tamil Nadu is the land of the Tamil and has a history dating back several thousand years. It is a land where tradition and culture mix and continue to live in harmony. The state is rich in monuments and temples that are ancient and each has its own history of accomplishment religious, artistic and cultural and specialty waiting to be heard. Tamil Nadu has a long coastline that stretches nearly a 1000 kms. The Coromandel coast along the compartment of Bengal, boasts of many places for sun and surf. Golden sands of the beach are dotted with coconut plantations and Casuarina. The sea washes ashore pebbles and shells and gentle breeze balance yachts and catamarans in the deeper waters of the Sea and the waters form small dunes on the shore. To hide and seek game crabs out of a burrow, and taking refuge in another. Sea gulls hover in the sky and then rely on the sails of fishing boats. There are many more astounding views that you meet and you find charming bound in Tamil Nadu.
Listed below are some for the featured tamilnadu tours and tamilnadu tour packages visit the tours and choose the best one for you to travel in the state of tamilnadu and south india.
TamilNadu Tour

Tamil Nadu Beach Tour

6 Days Tamil Nadu Tour
Tamil Nadu Kerala Tour
Tamilnadu Karnataka Kerala Tour
Tamilnadu Temple Tour

International Air Transport Association, an international airlines forum have the opinion that the crisis in the aviation industry has worsened, and urged the government to reduce taxes and other charges. According to an official from IATA,the service tax on tickets for the best quality class, charges for air navigation, landing and parking charges were contrary to the norms of international commitments civil aviation. However it was welcomed that the governments decision to scrap the right of five percent customs for jet fuel. The official has stressed the urge for reasonable taxation in India. According to him, India is the epicenter of the aviation crisis with losses of over $ 1.5 billion this year. Immediate steps are highly needed to save the industry affected by the crisis.

Karnataka is a land full of enchanting natural beauty, the rich flora and fauna. It has the splendor and pageantry of traditions and glorious wonders of modern technology. There are many places of historical, cultural and religious importance in the state of Karnataka. The main Acharyas, Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhwa, lived and preached in this region. The great reformers like Sri Basaveshwara, mathematicians as Baskaracharaya, commentators as Sayan, as poiets Saint Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa, great writers like Pampa, Harihara and Kumara Vyasa have all enriched the heritage of Karnataka over the years. The temples at Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal in the Bijapur are important for all art lovers. The temples of Halebedu of Belur and are as Somanathapura major architectural achievements - like which are rarely seen anywhere in the world. The profusion of artistic skill is staggering in its range and exquisiteness. At Hampi you can see Indian sculpture in all its richness and vitality. The churches in Mysore, in Mangalore, Bangalore and Bijapur indicate the contribution of Christians in large repertoire of Karnataka from 'cultures. With all these attractions a visit to the state of Karnataka is still memorable and enchanting.

Here are some of the Karnataka Tours introduced by Indian Tour Planners. If you have plans to visit any part of karnataka or south india place a query with the website and you will be provided with the a customized, special and affordable Karnataka Tour Packages

Karnatka Tours

Karnataka Tour Package
Bangalore Mysore Hassan Tour
Karnataka Temple Tour
Karnataka Wildlife Tour

Goa is a tiny green land with its natural beauty at its best, attractive beaches, churches and temples famous for its architecture, festivals and old houses have made this destination a favorite beach destination with travelers around the world. Goa has the specialty in which how they treat the guests who are visiting their land with utmost hospitality and with a rich cultural milieu is an ideal location and profile for tourists. The beautiful region of Goa is located along the west coast of India in the coastal belt known as konkan which was earlier a colony of Portuguese. Get swept away by the sunrises and sunsets which are spectacular, take the sun and stroll along it 's broad and serene beaches, Goa is the place for a your holidays.

Indian Tour Planners provides comprehensive information about about Goa tours, holiday packages Goa, Goa tour packages, excursions beaches of Goa, Goa India travel, holiday in Goa, including the online booking hotels Goa India etc.

If you want to travel to Goa, places to see this holiday destination, and enjoy the beaches, sunny weather and waves ripple Arabian Sea around this state in western India, we can help you plan your trip .

The trips mentioned below include tours of Goa and and some tours will guide to reach some other tourist destination in kerala, karnataka and tamilnadu so you can travel the south of india in the western coast and enjoy its scenic beauty .

Goa Tours
4 Days Goa Tour
3 Days Goa Tour
Mumbai Goa Kerala Tour
Mumbai Goa Karnataka Tour
5 Days Goa Tour

Hotels in south India

South india has got lots of destination which are having tourism importance. Indian Tour Planners offers hotel and resort bookings in all the major destinations in south india. Here are the list of south india hotels.

Hotels in Bangalore, Hotels in Mangalore, Hotels in Chennai, Hotels in Hassan, Hotels in Coorg, Hotels in Mahabalipuram, Hotels in Kanchipuram, Hotels in Kovalam, Hotels in Alleppey, Hotels in Kumily, Hotels in Wayanad, Hotels in Thekkady, Hotels in Munnar, Hotels in Trivandrum, Hotels in Quilon, Hotels in Kanyakumari, Hotels in Kumarakom, Hotels in Goa, Hotels in Ooty, Hotels in Mysore, Hotels in KodaiKanal, Hotels in Thrissur, Hotels in Thanjavur, Hotels in Cochin,
Hotels in Chettinadu
, Hotels in Calicut, Hotels in Malappuram, Hotels in Palakkad, Hotels in Madurai

31 weekly flights to india by emirates airlines

The Dubai-based Emirates airline will add 31 weekly flights to its existing service in India until February 2009. The winning porter has embarked on its second major expansion campaign for India in 2008, and increased capacity will reaffirm the status of the Emirates as largest single international carrier in the Indian skies, operating 163 flights weekly to 10 passages. The expansion will be implementing a phased manner and cities Mumbai and New Delhi will be key beneficiaries.

Airlines operating in India have ferraillé officer five percent la 's commission on tickets, beginning Saturday, and were replaced by transaction fees for all tickets, regardless of whether they have been booked by an agent or not. Airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines jet airways, kingfisher, the airways of Etihad and Qatar have removed the commission on tickets sold by agents, while British Airways, the UAE, the Gulf Air, Air Oman, airlines and Sri Lankan airlines of Malaysia have decided to retain it. The transaction fee, a minimum of Rs.350 for domestic and a maximum of Rs.10, 000 for international passengers, will be denoted as "other charges" on the ticket. About 85 percent of airline bookings in India are made through travel agents, including online agencies. Protesting against the airlines the 'decision, travel agents in Kerala Saturday stopped selling tickets to these operators who have withdrawn the commission.

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