Here is the list of some of the hotels in important destination in norhtern part of india. You can book any of these hotels with the travel agent if you have plans to visit any of these destinations. The destinations provided in the list is some of the most visited tourist destinations in north india.
Hotels in Jaipur
Hotels in Delhi
Hotels in Jhansi
Hotels in Kota
Hotels in Mumbai
Hotels in Jamnagar

Hotels in Puri
Hotels in Gujrath
Hotels in Swaimadhopur
Hotels in Agra

Hotels in Rajasthan

Hotels in Maharashtra
Hotels in Kolkatta
Hotels in Udaipur
Hotels in Utharanchal
Hotels in Varanasi
Hotels in Bharathpur

Hotels in India

India has got great range of hotels to choose from. Each and every tourist destination in india has got hotels and resorts of all types. As the tourism industry is greatly flourished in india one can find any type of hotel in any destination in india. India has got hotels ranging from lodges to hotels in star category. As i have already said there are hotels which can suit every travel budget. One can find a standard, deluxe or luxury category hotel in each and every corner of india especially in tourist destinations.

But how to find the best hotel in the location you are going to visit. In this case you need the help and expert advice of a travel agent or a tour operator in that destination to find the best hotel that suits your needs. Indian Tour Planners, a travel agent in india arranges good quality hotels that can soothe your senses and provide a comfortable and memorable stay.

Here is the list of hotels in india which are selected by the travel operator, Indian Tour Planners for you to enjoy your indian holidays. Visit the website you will definitly find a hotel or resort for your travel needs in india. If you are not satisfied with the list of hotel or unable to find a hotel in your preferred destination then kindly send a mail to the travel consultant Mr. Jojy. Email :

Tourism season is almost started in kerala, india. For the coming 5 months there will be visitors to different parts of kerala especially to kerala beaches from different parts of the world. There will be visitor to kerala not only from overseas but also people from other states of india. Due to economic recession going on around the world it is expected that people will be spending much for travel and tours. With that in mind indiantourplanners has introduced special low cost kerala tours for this tourism season. The tours has been offered in association with Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). The tours offered are from 4 nights tours to 7 nights tours. If you are looking for low cost kerala tours or ktdc kerala tours then visit the webpage

Kerala, the state situated on the southern tip of india is land of temples, churches and mosques. Kerala is famous for many temples like sabarimala, aatukal, guruvayoor, kodungallur along with other famous churches and mosques in kerala. Indian tour planners introduces kerala pilgrimage tours for those who are interested to visit the pilgrimage destinations in kerala including temples, churches and mosques. Indian Tour Planners has got excellent information about different pilgrimage centres in kerala with detail information on customs and rituals performed in these pilgrmage centes. Visit the page to find kerala pilgrimage tours to different pilgrimage destinations.

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