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According to the tourism minister of India, the India 'tourism industry witnessed its great buoyancy in recent times and it is for the various involved stakeholders to improve on this to ensure further growth. Tourism sector in the country has witnessed the great buoyancy in recent times is tourism market multi milliards dollars and India is drawing way to ensure that the country 'tourism industry continues to create s jobs and contribute to, fast-growing economy. We need to take a look at all segments of tourism in India. The mapping of the future should take care that the destinations most visited and promoted do not sell too saturated with. India Tourism's thrust is currently developing circuits in an integrated manner and complete.
Indicating the boom in the tourism sector, Minister said that foreign tourist arrivals had increased to 5.08 million by 2007 against only 2.73 million a year earlier, with earnings of foreign exchange rising by 18.7 percent. At the same time, domestic tourism continues to remain the backbone of the Indian tourism. According to the delegate who attended the function has suggested that economic environment has changed and we must adapt to changing these fundamental principles. Previously, there were masses of tourists from a few spots. Now, there are miles of space traveler whose individual needs must be addressed. WTTC launched the initiative of India in February 2000 to raise awareness of the crucial role that games of travel and tourism in the development and growth of the country of the economy.

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