Beaches, rivers, mountains, forests, Ayurveda - although Kerala of north has all, it received only 6% of more than 515.000 foreign tourists who visited last year the state. But that changes, thanks to the beginning given by the zone of Wayanad.
The zones more in north of the state six - Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Malappuram and Palakkad - have a basic problem, misses infrastructure for tourists. In the zone of hill of Wayanad, the various contractors put to the top of lodgings at the inhabitant - a favourite with tourists. The zone has now approximately 40 homestays at the inhabitant. Fifteen of the 40 have already certificates of classification of the service of tourism of Kerala. The option of lodging at the inhabitant in Wayanad always largely is not known abroad. The zone of Wayanad needs always approximately 600 additional rooms to satisfy the request at the maximum season of tourists. The majority of homestays at the inhabitant came in two last years, it are added. The hills and the forests are by no means only attractions on sale in the area of Hefty fellow - because Kerala of north is known. The potential of tourism of beach remains mainly unexploited, in spite of the presence of the famous historical spots such as Bekal in the zone of Kasaragod, which has a resource near. Only one restricted number tourists visit the beaches here. The numbers very small are compared to the tourists visiting of the beaches like Kovalam.

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