Rationalization of tax structure is being demanded by hotel industry in India in order to compete with other countries in Asia, especially when the tourism sector is experiencing a heavy drop this year because of globally affected economic recession.
The tax paid by a tourist in India is much higher when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. As per sources the hotel industry is striving to hard to cope with the current economic situations. The tourism and travel sector contributes 32 percent to GDP. Hospitality sector is a major contributor to national GDP and serves as a helping hand for the states economy. Moreover 15 to 7 per cent of industrial growth and heavy surcharge on aviation turbine fuel has its own impact on the tourism industry. In this situation flight operators had to reduce their flights from and to different tourist destinations. Because of some bad media news regarding security concerns in Goa the issue of visas to Britain's has been delayed by the embassy. This is another major concern with affected the industry. The hospitality sector has pleaded the tourism industry of India to reduce tax for the sector to sustain the business and compete with other countries, particularly South-East Asian countries

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