Costliest Tour Packages are in Offer !!!

Do you have enough money to spend for the costliest tour package in the world. Make follies dreamy long holiday weekend in the Emirates! Is this what the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi offered as a package, which is claimed to be the the most expensive tour package in the world. The tour package is designed in such a way the it includes tickets for the first class flight ticket, a chauffeur-driven limousine and treatments daily spa in one of the most luxurious place in the world, and even a day trip to Iran for weaving carpets as per the wish of the traveller. The flight for the tour package is offered by Ethihad Airways. As per information from the sources this tour packages is being offered to establish Abu Dhabi as the preferred destination for world-class vacationing. From this huge sum of money, a part of it will be donated to social and charitable organizations working in United Arab Emitates. The Package is included with tour packages to different and exotic destinations in countries like Bahrain, Iran and Jordan. If you want to spend you vacation with the most luxurious tour package in the world, ask for more details with Abu Dhabi tourism. Happy holidaying.

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