The Kerala 's port of Kochi, whose docks are well known for fishing nets Chinese, will be a stop for a water sports most prestigious pack - 39,000 nautical miles laborious Volvo Race' Ocean will definitely be a boost for the tourism industry in God's own country, kerala. Unlike other courses, the price here is the thrill of finishing the journey on the high seas rough.The renovation work is on agitated at Kochi to host the call scheduled for 3-13 December. The event, which is expected to catch about two billion eyeballs world-over, is jointly hosted by trust left Cochin (CPT) and the tourism department of Kerala. In fact, we will convert the island village of boat-house and even host the race boat traditional snake. So far, nine teams have already confirmed their participation in the race and confirmation of a more team is expected anytime, he added.She held for the first time in 35 years that the race Volvo Ocean, crossing seven seas, decided to touch Indian shores. Earlier, they for the border and went to Australia or Japan but this time they wanted a stopover in one Indian port Venu said. Number of participants and spectators is exceeded in number by those media covering the event. During last race, evaluation are that two billion people followed the race, he added. Organizers of volvo ocean race need cochin because of the geographical location of the port and equipment it has offered. As for the upgradation costs, the money will be increased by patronage.

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