Kovalam beach on the southern part of Kerala is a stretch of three beaches that are shaded by thick plantations of coconut and a pleasant climate eternal. Kovalam The word means a tree planting coconut. The trees coconut along the beaches provide a majestic view. The place is a paradise with unlimited blue water of the Arabian Sea and miles of white sand abducted by the tidal wave of the feet and palms strong rocky promontories. The beaches in Kovalam are increasing. The three beaches are beach lighthouse - It provides a spectacular view of the mosque Vizhinzam. Strictly photography is prohibited in this place. Hawah Beach - The average beach and is the basis for local fisherman. Samudra - The beach further north which is dotted with little fishing boats wooden rudimentary.

Kovalam means a tree planting coconut and rectify its name as the village offers a view of endless trees coconut. The crescent beach has three parts. The southern most beach, and most popular beach house is slight. It offers an amazing view of Vizhinjam mosque. The Nordic Samudra is laidback and time seems to stands still here. The middle hawah, a day earlier, is a hive of activities with fishermen aiming for Wednesday With a high promontory of rock and a compartment of calm blue waters, this beach paradise creates a unique watercolor moonlit nights.

Kovalam one of the most beautiful beaches and most famous in South India, is the best place for relaxation. It has three different beaches with beach lighthouse is the most famous beach. Ayurvedic treatment especially during the monsoon season is another attraction of Kovalam.

The nearest airport is Trivandrum, which is 16 kms from Kovalam. The nearest station is Trivandrum. Kovalam is easily accessible by road.

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