Kumarakom is a bundle of small islands on Lake Vembanad. It is an enchanting destination of mare and it is part of the Kuttanad region. It is an incredibly beautiful paradise of mangrove forests with green rice fields of plantations and coconut interspersed with excellent waterways and canals adorned with while reading. It is a paradise observers bird because it is home to many species of migratory and resident bird. There are boating equipment and fishing independently of traditional Kettuvalloms. Kumarakom is also a popular seaside resort and Ayurveda in Kerala.

In 1878, the mangrove wetland on the bank of Lake Vembanad was reached and replaced by plantations of coconut. The person as a result of this manoeuvre was a Baker George Alfred Essex who had arrived in India sixty years earlier to take the missionary work in Kottayam. The English was so intimidated by the splendour of Kumarakom he arranged here and Kumarakom makes his home.
Located 14 km from Kottyam and around Kumarakom lies of Kuttanad region popularly known as the rice bowl of Kerala. A group of tiny islets on the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a village of imagery and unsoiled. An incredibly overwhelming ecstasy of mangrove forests, meadows paddy green peas and coppice coconut mixed with waterways and canals fascinating. Kumarakom, located on the southern coast of India enjoys a tropical time proportionate. Nature has increased its magic to perfection here. The lush coconut copious strike rivers cintrent its similarity to watch on rivers miroitants. Ubiquitous, nature is unsurpassed.

Pastures and flourishing life of the campaign are intertwined with the beautiful bird sanctuary of Kumarakom. √Čtir√© across 14 acres, the bird sanctuary is a haven desired migratory birds and a paradise for bird lovers. The sarcelles winter, herons, darters, herons, teal winter waterfowl, the cuckoo, wild ducks and migratory birds like the Siberian stork phase in which there flows are a fascination for invited. finer way to observe the birds in the sanctuary of Kumarakom is a boat trip around the islands 16 kilometres west of Kottayam on Lake Vembanad. The sanctuary runs with local waterfowls and above migratory birds wintering such as Siberian storks. . Boats are available for cruises mare in the lake.
The pools of Kerala are a chain of lies brackish lagoons and lakes parallel to the coast of Arabian Sea (known as the Malabar coast) from the state of Kerala in southern India. Local people call it Kayals pools of inland lakes twisty kerala-managed network of canals - extend to more than 1900km. Lake Vembanad is the largest lake, covering an area of 200 square kilometres, and framed by areas of Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kottayam, and Ernakulam. Just 12 kilometers from Kottayam, this destination exclusive mare located on the banks of Lake Vembanad are considered the move to Ponds Kuttanad. The port of Kochi (Cochin) is located at Lake the 's output to the Arabian Sea. Alleppey, known as populariy Venice of the east has a network of canals that snake through the city. Canoeing through these bits soothing rights is an exclusive experience in Kerala.
Grand Kettuvalloms (traditional country more than 60ft. In length) were replaced in the boat house for these luxury cruises that Vallam Kali (racing boat snake), held annually in August is a major attraction. 12km from Kottayam, this unique destination pool located on the banks of Lake Vembanad is considered the passage of the ponds Kuttanad.

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