Goa Monsoon Tour Package

It is monsoon time in goa. Introducing a travel packages to visit goa during monsoon season. It will be a unique experience to visit goa during monsoon especially for those who want to enjoy the beaches where there is no crowd to disturb you and enjoy goa beaches at the fullest. Indian Tour Planners introduces a tour packages to visit goa during this monsoon. You can find more details about this package in this url Goa Monsoon Tour.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race - 2008

Are you interested in watching the traditional boat races in kerala? There are many boat races held in different part of kerala. Among all these boat races Nehru trophy boat race is the best and the one which attracts most number of tourists. This thrilling and enthusiastic boat race is being held on the second Saturday of august every year. For more information about the boat race and book tickets to watch this aqua festival visit http://ntbr.igitec.com.

Emirates Offers new flights to India

According to emirates officials emirates airlines will expand its operations with the additional flights per week to New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, taking its total flights to India to 132 per week, according to an Emirates statement. The company will expand its operations with additional flights per week to New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, taking all flights to India to 132 per week, according to a statement Emirates. This will be the highest frequency by an international carrier to India.
The new services are strategically time to meet during the holiday season and will also help improve the tonnage of cargo to more than 300 tons per week according to official emirates. The airline will introduce seven new flights to Bangalore. While two of them will be introduced in July, five others will be introduced in October.
It will take its total number of flights to southern Indian city to 15 per week.
The airline will gradually increase its Hyderabad service to 18 flights per week on October 1. The new flight will be operated by Boeing 777 and Airbus A330-200 aircraft in two and three-class configuration, and add more than 5900 seats on the airline 's Indian roads.

New Tourism Cicuits in India

It is a part of the Ministry 's integrated development programme of major destinations and circuits. These circuits are - Bhubaneshwar-Puri-Chilka tour in Orissa, Dwarka-Nageshwar-tour Bet Dwarka in Gujarat and heritage tour at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, an official statement. The development project for Bhubaneshwar-Puri-Chilka circuit includes development of exchange knots, upgradation of protection / protected monuments, the development of terminal / anchors, upgradation of access routes to monuments / temples, l lighting of monuments / temples and the creation of a multimedia museum. The development project Dwarka-Nageshwar-Bet Dwarka as a mega tour includes the development of beach, parikarama path and lakes, campgrounds for eco tourism, a village HAAT and repair and Restoration of ghats. Huts, public conveniences and children amusement park with all facilities. The Circuit heritage Tirupati project includes the construction of tourist arrival / tourist information centers, landscaping, street lighting, drinking water points, relaxation huts, conveniences and children amusement park with all facilities.

With monsoon rains descended on Kerala, creating just the right cool and mild climate, cure and clinics in southern India state are ready for ayurveda packages for their care and cure tourists. The theory that the monsoon is the best season for ayurveda rejuvenation programs has been vindicated because the atmosphere remains free of dust and wet, which opens the pores of the body and make it more responsive to oil-based plants and therapy.
Another reason behind ayurveda 's success in Kerala is the state's climate and abundant supply of herbs and medicinal plants, vital ingredients for the manufacture of medicines. The most preferred treatment protocol is the rejuvenation package, which consists of massages. Body weight loss, stress management and beauty packages are also popular.

Indian tour planners in association with an ayurvedic resort introduces kerala monsoon ayurveda package. The ayurveda package is for 14 days and which costs only 850 euro only. The cost of the ayurveda package is all inclusive. Ayurveda packages will be offered at somatheeram ayurvedic beach resort, kovalam which is one of the best ayurvedic resort and awarded many times as the best ayurvedic health resort by department of kerala tourism. Find more about this kerala monsoon ayurveda package in the website www.indiantourplanners.com

India May like to think that attracts many foreign tourists, but the fact is that the many-splendoured land of the Taj Mahal is much less visitors than many small countries like Ukraine, Tunisia, Croatia and Saudi Arabia According to a report.

received 4.44 million tourists in 2006, it lagged far behind Ukraine, which got 15.62 million tourists, Tunisia (6.55 million), Croatia (8.65 million) and Saudi Arabia (8.03 million). While India has received 4.44 million tourists in 2006, it has been delayed far behind Ukraine, which gained 15.62 million tourists, Tunisia (6.55 million), Croatia (8.65 million) and Saudi Arabia (8.03 million).

The results were the World Tourism Organization, a UN agency that produced the global tourism, and placed in the ministry of tourism 's annual publication India tourism statistics.

In 1998, India was 47th in world rankings, which rose to 54 in 2002, 44 in 2004, 41 in 2005 and 42 in 2006.

India 's share of international tourist arrivals, although increasingly in recent years, is still quite low at 0.52 percent in 2006, the report.

(21.35 million). The top of the list is France (79.08 million), followed by Spain (58.45 million), USA (51.06 million), China (49.6 million) , Italy (41.05 million), the United Kingdom (30.65 million), Germany (23.56 million) and Mexico (21.35 million).

According to the report, international tourist arrivals worldwide have registered a growth of 5.4 per cent during the year 2006, compared to 5.5 per cent in 2005 and 10 per cent in 2004 compared to the years earlier. The total international tourist arrivals in 2006 was 846 million.

The top 10 international tourist attracting countries in 2006 accounted for approximately 47 percent share. Region-wise, were the highest tourist arrivals in Europe, which attracted 461.0 million visitors in 2006, an increase of 5.1 per cent in relation to 2005.

In terms of foreign exchange earnings, however, the country has been more successful. In 2006, India earned $ 8.93 billion against 7.49 billion in 2005 - before the outbreak of countries like Tunisia and Croatia.

In recent years, there has been significant growth in arrivals of foreign tourists (FTAs) and foreign exchange earnings (FEE) of tourism. In 2007, the number of FTAs and FEE tourism was around five million dollars and 12 billion respectively, "said Tourism Secretary S. Banerjee.

France tops the list in terms of foreign exchange earnings, too, with Spain, USA, Italy, China, Britain, Germany, Australia and Turkey, following behind.

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